Can you follow me!

Well, I never liked in my whole life to be followed. This used to be the worst feeling for me if I got to know that somebody is following me. But the moment I am on medium after coming to the US 2 years ago, I would love to be followed by many to get enrolled into partner program. That was also not my viewpoint few years ago to do something as a condition. But there is no other choice!

I was always independent in my home country being a lecturer. I never had the idea of asking for 100 followers one day for making money. But you know life never remains the same. It keeps on changing and keeps you engaged in a wide variety of tasks that you have never intended in your life before.

Ok let’s leave everything aside, and just imagine one day you wake up with 100 followers! What would you do?Well , I will enlist all their 100 followers and thank them whole heartedly for following me even when I didn’t write anything appealing and exceptional. I admit I am just a beginner and I can learn more from all of my fellow writers if they get me a chance to read them. Right now whenever I think to read a story as suggested to me, a notification pops up that I can’t read more due to limited readings per month. Again , that’s not possible too without 100 followers.

So will you be my first 100 followers guys????????

Waiting for a kind gesture from my all fellow writers.

Help me read better and write better.

I am a sensitive soul. I love to depict the society the way it works. I wish I could work for its betterment.